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I popped down to my local lake, Wetlands for the week end and set up in peg 7 .could see the warm weather had woken the carp up because they were all mulling around in packs, picking food up and grubbing around in the silt. So before I set all the gear up I had a walk around the lake to see who else was on at this daft o'clock hour in the morning. Found two of our team members were set up on peg 3 and peg 3b. "Chriss and the Mr Conway" . so we had a chat and had a walk around. We got back to peg 7 and the peg was alive with fish. You could walk to the island on there backs there was that many. So I set about getting my rods in the water. I decided to try one of these "Ronny rigs" with a LG0 pop up by wetbaits. On the other rods I would use my standard soft braided rigs with a knotless knot. " lazy rigs I call em lol " the rigs consist of JK angling sort fleck braid and a size 6 C1000 hook. These would be fished with a standard bottom bait. A KCG and an white B- cav boillies by wetbaits. So the day went on and on and on and no bite! To say I could walk to the island and back on the backs of all the carp in front of me. I wasn't impressed! Something must be wrong. So recasted the rods back out with fresh bait just before dark thinking they will get there heads Down as soon as it gets dark. Well 11:37 pm rocks up and "yes" a run ! As I tryed to dive out my sleeping bag to run out side the bivviy and strike I ended up face first, still in my bag on the floor. NOT HAPPY ! Any way gets out and hit the rod . nothing there . then looked around. BLOODY DUCKS ! Thanks. This went on all night. In the end I just had enough so pulled the rods out and went to bed . First light. I'm up like a badger out it hole. Right time for a fish. So set about making a rig I haven't used. The withy rig. So tied up two of them and of course a "lazy rig". I've been watching fish move from peg 1 into peg 7 all day and night so decided to give myself until 12 noon to catch one out of 7 or that's it I'm off in to peg 1. Well 12pm came and that was it. I'd had enough . peg 1 it was. I was sick and tired of these ducks ,swans and carp that just sat in front of the peg looking at me. I set up in peg 1and just put 3 singles out. 1 LGO pop up, 1 KCG pop up and a cube of luncheon meat. Sat back at started to watch the water. And sure enough the carp started to move from 1 into 7. It took only 20 mims and BANG we were in on the left had rod in between two island. OMG all hell broke loose. Because the water was low the fish had no were to go. So it was like hitting a speed boat on steroids lol. The battle lasted about 15 mins and a crowd had started to gather behind me. I was thinking " please don't come off I've waited 36 bloody hours for you" in the end it gave up and graced my net. She tipped the scales at 17lb and a few ounce. A lovely plump common. After that, that was my fishing tip finished. The withy rig consisted of a size 6 C1000 hook, the black fleck braid. All bait used apart from the luncheon meat which was asda, was from wetbaits. Tight lines people and keep catching.

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