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Fishing Prices for up to 3 rods

From March 1st 2018

(Prices may change at owners discretion)

Day Ticket (from 7am - 7pm)   £10 Each

12hr Night Ticket (7pm - 7am)   £15 Each

24hr Ticket (7am - 7am)  £20 per 24hr

We operate on a booking basis only for all tickets.

Day tickets must be paid for immediately either by Paypal below or in person.

Night Fishing Permit holders are allowed to pay on the day or in advance.

All pegs are booked by contacting the Booking Number 07762 300059.

Night Fishing Permit holders will need to give their name and permit number in order to reserve a specific peg for overnight fishing.

Please ensure your booking has been confirmed via the Booking Number and have received confirmation back. Payment can then be made immediately if required using the button below or via the paypal app to for your reserved pegs.

Night Fishing is by invite only and requires a Night Fishing Permit.

To obtain a Night Fishing Permit we ask you to do a couple of day sessions first so we can get to know you ensuring you are a safe and responsible angler and comply with the lake rules regarding minimum tackle requirements.

We would then offer a night permit free of charge (Was £39 Year).

Night Permits are valid for a rolling 12mths from the day of commencement and will need to be renewed each year to ensure you can fish overnight.

(The owners reserves the right to issue or withdraw the Night Fishing Permit at thier discretion)

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