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Peg 1

(Maximum 2 People)

This is a very intimate peg but with careful planning,tight clutches and a handful of backleads you can fish 6 rods from here making it an ideal social peg too. Short range fishing is the order of the day here with a few small islands dotted about close in making it a bit more challenging to get the fish in. There are two margins to fish too here as well as an open pool and channels further out running between larger islands. Now this peg has been re-instated its time for this special little swim to start producing once again.


The peg has now been back filled and had a good coating of chipbark applied and is looking great. The photos are here at the bottom. Parking for this peg is at the back of the peg on the incline. There is also a turning circle at the bottom to spin your vehicle around. This peg also benefits from a small cooking shelter with seating twin usb ports powered by a large solar panel with battery backup and a night light. Its situated just at the rear of the peg for added convenience.

Peg 1 Shelter

Peg 1 Shelter.jpg
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