Peg 9

(Maximum 2 People)

So called because of the pipe on your right hand side that takes the water overflow from the match lake and feeds it into the specimen lake.There are plenty of features to fish too from this peg including islands, open water and tight up to the margins which can be snaggy due to the over hanging trees that align the bank.

With the aid of back leads or slack lines two people can fish from here if its a bit of social fishing youre after.

The majority of this peg is covered with stone and it benefits from being able to park your car directly behind you.

As you can see from the last 4 pictures the upgrade is now complete.

The grate has now gone, its now a lot wider and lower to the water allowing better positioning for sticks or pods and to get your bivvy closer to your rods (Essential if your fishing the left margin).

The bushes were cut back from the right side but the strip is still the swim boundry.


UPDATE 14/7/2015

The peg has now been extended to the side to allow 2 people and 2 bivvies to effectively fish the huge amount of water available to this peg. The front and side of the peg has also been dug out to deepen it.

Like the other pegs, this also has a large wooden shelter with shelves either side for cooking or rig making as well as twin USB ports powered by a large solar panel and a battery backup. The shelter also has a night light for added convenience.