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The Cafe

This is open in the morning from 8am - 9am only (Except Tuesdays and Thursdays).

A full english breakfast is available with hot drink as are hot sandwiches and beverages.

A breakfast service is available for overnighters although at present this consists of hot sandwiches.

Sausage, Sausage and egg,bacon and bacon and egg.

Details can be found in the huts on the pegs.


Toilets and shower


The main toilet block is situated near the Cafe. At the rear of the toilet block is also a shower room which costs £1 for 10mins or 20p per minute for a glorious hot shower. Great for longer sessions and even better for winter.

Wetlands Lakes Bait and Tackle

Wetlands Lakes Bait and Tackle Shop is now "open" and sells a range of terminal

tackle from a range of manufaturers, Boilies/pellets as well as fish care etc.

Wetlands Lakes Bait and Tackle Shop can be contacted through our Facebook page (Wetlands bait 'n' Tackle)

or contact Richard on 07762 300059.

Wetlands Lakes Bait and Tackle Shop
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