Peg 2

(Maximum 2 people)

The Arms can be fished overnight and at present will really only hold 1 single man bivvy or 1 openfaced day shelter but can be fished by 2 people during the day. The Arms used to be pegs 4,5 and 6 and since the bridge was vandalised has not been fished for approx 2 years either. This is very similar to Capybara as it too has a small open water section, a margin to the left and islands out in front.Again like peg 1 this is short range fishing and has also seen some of the "Biguns" basking up here in the summer time.Now the bridge has been repaired its time for this peg to start producing again.


---UPDATE 2nd June 2014---

Work has started on the upgrade on peg 2 to transform this great peg from a single bivvy peg to a spacious double peg with plenty of room for pods or sticks. You can see the completed peg in the pictures and work in the water has been done to allow those skilled or daring enough to fish into the islands. Parking for this peg is next to peg 1 and shares the parking with peg 1.

Update 22nd June 2016

Weve now incorporated a new hut into peg 2. Suspended partially over the water so it doesnt take up any space at all from the peg. The hut has a full length bench with space to also use your chair inside as well and 2 full length shelves to either cook on or a nice area to make your rigs. It also has twin usb ports powered by a large solar panel and battery backup and a night light. You can also see all the water in front of you as well.