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Peg 10

(Maximum 2 People)

A major transformation of this popular peg has now been completed as can be seen from the last photos.

The two fingers were joined by staking and boarding and the left hand staging removed.

The area of water between them was then back filled and levelled creating a huge platform to fish from.

The right hand fingers staging was left in as a reminder of what it used to be and also doubles up as a lovely casting/landing platform.

The small island that was off the right hand side of the peg has also been cut flat. This minor alteration now enables the angler to fish safely to the pool on the far right of the swim extending the amount of fishable water for the peg.

This peg will now hold 2 bivvys with ease, with plenty of space left over for weighing tripods, large cradles or mats as well as a couple of chairs.This is an excellent peg for both fishing and socialising with your mates.

...UPDATE 21st May 2014...

We had a work day on the 21st May and a few of our regulars came down to join in to help tweak this peg.

The snags on the left hand side islands have now been removed as well as 2 small islands. 1 small island out front on the right hand margin of the pool directly in front and the small island on the right hand side of the peg. The large holding net that was located in the far right pool has also been removed along with the platform from the old peg 35. This now gives complete access to the far right pool and now gives you an even bigger headache of where to put your baits if your fishing alone as there is so much too choose from. Its now a superb double peg with an enormous amount of features to fish to for either 1 or 2 anglers. Parking is available at the back of the peg.

UPDATE Sept 2015

Along with a few minor tweaks (including the digging out at the front and sides of the pegged area this swim also has a large shelter at the rear of the peg nestled into the trees along with the benched seating inside it as well as the two shelves and twin USB ports powered by a large solar panel with battery backup. Like the most of the shelters it also has a night light fitted.

Peg 10 Shelter

Peg 10 Shelter.jpg
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