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Please ensure these rules are followed at all times for Angler and Carp safety.

All anglers must hold current fishing licence/licences and may be asked to produce it. Anyone found not in possession will be asked to leave immediately as the Environment Agency carry out spot checks at our fishery.

It is an offence to remove or introduce fish to the fishery and to leave your rods unattended for any length of time.

Fishing from 7.00am 7.00pm for Day Tickets and 24hr+ Tickets for night member permit holders starts from either 7.00am or 7.00pm

All plastic baits are banned including corn style boilie stops.

OMC Magic Twig is banned.

Braided mainline only to be used on spod or marker rods

Zig bugs and foam are to be used only on Zigs.

The lake has a maximum 3 Rod Rule and we ask that you use a minimum 15lb line/0.35 dia due to the snaggy nature of the lake.

Barbless Hooks and Micro Barbed hooks are allowed and random rig checks are carried out regularly by our bailiffs to ensure safe fishing.

No surface fishing at all due to waterfowl.

Carp Mats or Carp Cradles must be used at all times for carp safety and the minimum must be a Beanie Euro mat.

A minimum 36" Carp Landing Net for carp safety. No match style nets, no keep nets and no fish to be sacked overnight.

Weighing Carp must be done in a weighing sling only for carp safety.

All anglers are required to have a Carp Care Kit (Like Korda Carp Care Etc).

Any damage to the mouth or damage to the carp must be treated with the carp care kit before releasing the carp back.

No fishing anywhere apart from the main 10 pegged areas (No stalking from non-pegged areas).

Strictly no access on the main island unless it is to free snagged line only.

Bait boats are allowed but please ensure you are within your swim boundary when using one.

All rubbish is to be taken with you, failure to do so will result in you being banned from the fishery.

Bankside visitation is not allowed.

No dogs allowed.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and no children can night fish unless accompanied by an adult and previously agreed with the fishery management.

Please close all gates behind you to deter bank walkers and no dogs are allowed as we still have animals on the site.

No Fires at all except contained BBQ's if used sensibly.

Car parking is available in specified areas around the lake (5 MPH Speed Limit). Don’t drive around the park once you have parked up. There are members of A.P.E. and children walking around.

There is a boat on the lake which is only to be used to free snagged fish or retrieve rigs far out in the lake that if snapped off would leave large amounts of line in the water. This boat is used at the anglers own risk and floatation devices are available on request to use with the boat.

Anyone found to be breaking any of the rules or fishing with equipment that does not meet minimum requirements will be asked to leave immediately and no refund will be given.

The complex may be dangerous, persons using the fishery do so at their own risk, the management cannot accept any risk of injury to yourself or any other parties and does not accept responsibility for personal injury, damage too or loss of property whilst using the fishery.

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