Peg 8

(Maximum 2 People)

As its name suggests it backs on to the matchlake carpark. This peg is low to the water and spacious. It can be fished single or socially with a friend. There is plenty of water to fish 6 rods comfortably from this peg. Islands, snags and open water are whats on offer here to fish at but since the removal of the fallen tree on the right you are now able to fish the margin on the right hand side now for the first time. The Car Park peg is also covered with chipbark

The Car Park peg is situated on the opposite bank from Pegs 6 and 7 (Meerkats/Sandbank) and you can also park your car directly behind your peg for added convenience.


This peg has now been extended out front and extended to the side to create a great casting and landing platform (last 2 pics).

This means an increase to the overall size of the peg. It will now easily fit a large double bivvy, weighing tripod, cradle or mats with plenty of space left.  As the peg is now larger it offers multiple options for rod placements whether on a pod or banksticks and easily caters for 6 rods as well as 2 large bivvys and the rest of your gear if your fishing with a friend.

This peg now also has a cookng shelter with seating so you can see all your water while cooking.