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Pegs 3, 4 & 5

(Maximum 3 individual anglers or upto a group of 4)


The long bank was the first area to benefit from the upgrades, having been widened but the bank still following its original shape.This bank now caters for multiple rod Carpers and overnight sessions with ample room for even the biggest 'Bivvy' as you can see from the pictures below. This stretch also has shelters on each peg. These are ideal for cooking, brewing up in, rig making or just relaxing in. Peg 3's shelter has twin USB ports powered by a large solar panel and a night light.

These swims offer the chance to fish to islands, open water and margins and all the major snags have now been removed to improve fish safety and enable you to fish safely into the islands channels. Lots of gravel areas here as well as silt patches. The whole stretch is covered in chipbark for your convenience.

This long bank has a nice area of water to fish too whether fishing as a group across all the pegs or as individuals fishing each peg.

The car park for pegs 3 and 4 is at the end of the peg 5.

The bank has now been sectioned off into 3 clear swims with fences on the bank and markers on the islands showing thier own swim boundries.

Aerial View of Pegs 3,4,5

Pegs 3,4,5

Peg 3 Shelter


Peg 4 Shelter

Peg 4 Hut.jpg

Peg 5 Shelter

Peg 5 Hut.jpg
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