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24Hr Session on Peg 4 Sand Bank -Mon 17/3 - 18/3

Arrived 7.30 am on a cloudy Monday morning with an unusually cold SW wind sweeping across the lake. Decided to fish the sandbank peg (I call it the Point, for obvious reasons) as it gives plenty of options. I sometimes get the odd bite before 10.30 am, or later, at around 1.00 pm - however, on this occasion the chill wind seemed to put paid that possibility. In fact, I had to wait until 5.30 pm before any activity occured at the bobbins. Unfortunately, this consisted of an abortive run from the margin rod; then at 6.30 pm I made the discovery that a lead had been picked up and deposited in the roots of the overhanging Willow Tree, with only a couple of bleeps to show for it. Still, that's fishing! Finally, things came good at 7.10 pm with a powerful 15lb 2oz Common from around 50yds out (RHS bay), followed 20 minutes later by a 14lb 0oz near Leather Mirror from around 30yds out in the LHS bay. This was followed by four, single figure carp (3 commons and one mirror) up until midnight, when all further action ceased. So I got a decent night's kip into the bargain.All in all, a most enjoyable session.

Best fishes, Kelvin

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