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Cheeky Day Session!!! Peg 5 – 21/08/19

This was my first time fishing this venue and boy did I have a fruitful introduction for a 9 hour session. I arrived just after 7am to be greeted by two very friendly bailiffs. They were very helpful with local lake tips and showed me around a well-stocked bait shop. I was recommended to fish peg 5, so taking their advice I headed straight over. When I arrived on the lake I was greeted with barky pegs, personal fishing huts and phone charging points; “Yes I did say phone charging points”. Not to mention the lovely well stocked lake full of an array of fauna and flora and CARP!!! To the fishing. I opted for bottom baits and a popup for the 3rd rod, so I casted my rods out and sat back to relax but almost immediately my left-hand rod ripped off to be greeted with this lovely 17.5ib common. Landing your first fish within any new venue is always exciting and full of anticipation and as you can see from the above it was a healthy beauty full of fight. Safely returning it back to the lake using my flotation sling I rebaited and sat back to relax again. In as little as 2 hours my right-hand rod burst into action the “piesta resistance” what was easy a 20lb plus mirror carp, it graced my net but sadly the wrong side and got away. Going forward I sat and reflected on my what could have been Wetland chunk. But not to cry I rebaited and hoped for another. It was now getting to around 2pm and I hadn’t had any action for 2 hours and as it was starting to near my home time (wife’s orders) I was hoping for one last fish and just as if a miracle out of nowhere my left-hand rod shot off again only to be greeted with this lovely 12lb mirror carp below (maybe my lost piesta resistances younger brother). Wetlands I will be back… Happy angler, Rob

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