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24 Hr Session on Peg 4 Sand Bank -Mon 7/4 - 8/4

Well I think I'm right in saying that the carp are now well and truly waking from their winter slumbers, judging by the increased catch reports from last week in particular.Much to my delight, my own efforts continued that theme and gave rise to a particularly manic evening session, which ground to a halt just shy of 3.00 am the following morning. Interestingly, my session did not kick off properly until after 4.00 pm, with the capture of a tiny 6lb common. In complete contrast, the angler on the newly refurbished "fingers" peg had his first fish after 15 minutes and enjoyed constant action (6 carp total) throughout the daytime. Oddly though, action tailed off after dark, with only a couple of lost fish to show for the night time activities. This seems to give credence to the theory that the carp hide away in the protected south side of the lake during the day and venture out into more open north side during the night! Anyway, my session was too frantic to detail every capture, so I'll simply list them. My (half awake!) recollection this morning was that most of the carp were singles or low doubles, but I was heartened to note in my log book that three fish were over 13 lb and one ( a nice half linear) was over 15 lb.Here is the log entry:


16:00 - 6 lb common (margin)

16:15 - 10 lb common (60 yds)

19:50 - 10 lb 8 oz leather (60 yds)

20:40 - 10 lb 8 oz linear (40 yds)

20:50 - 13 lb 12 oz leather (beyond Willow)

21:40 - 15 lb 12 oz half linear (beyond Willow)

22:00 13 lb common (40 yds)

22:10 - 10 lb 14 oz mirror (40 yds)

22:30 - 5 lb 10 oz mirror (beyond Willow)

22:55 - 10 lb 4 oz leather (40 yds)

23:25 - 11 lb linear (40 yds)

02:10 - 11 lb 8 oz leather (40 yds)

05:15 - 7 lb 4 oz mirror (40 yds)

In addition to these I also lost 4 carp; 3 to hook pulls and 1 to a parted hook-link.

The last of these at 06:15 hrs felt like a heavier carp, but one can never be sure!

Best fishes,Kelvin.

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