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Day session peg 4a, 15 July 2016

So today was my second day session on the specimen lake with my first resulting in just the one run in the eleventh hour with a 14lb + mirror.

This second session was to use the same tactics but a little change in baiting areas of my chosen spots.

So my left hand rod was positioned just left on the far left island with a KCG boilies and about 4-5 free offerings of said boilie with a few crushed in a pva mesh bag and coupled with a pva bag of sticky manilla pellets.

The right hand rod (I only fish using the 2 rods) was baited up with the sticky manilla 20mm boilie with again only 4-5 free offerings and some manilla pellets in a pva mesh bag. This was positioned in a recess within the pool to the right of the peg.

The day had less humidity than my first session with the wind blowing from left to right into the pool, good conditions I thought to at least not blank and maybe get a few out.

Within an hour left hand rod screamed off and before long a hard fighting mirror of 15lb graced my net.

Rod rebaited with same pva mix and cast back out. Within an hour my right hand rod gave a few bleeps before line was kiting to the left, a short battle before slipping the net under another 15lb+ mirror, then another 2 carp again around the 15lb + mark graced my net from each rod.

The time was now 12.48 and things had gone quiet.

A couple of hours had past with no signs of carp within the vacinity.

Fresh boilies and another pva bag of free offerings cast to the 2 spots.

The time was now 17.32 when the right hand rod gave a slow run and I was into carp no5 which again graced my net after a short battle and within 30 minutes the left hand rod had a similar slow run which resulted in carp no6.

All in all a good second session.

Watching where the carp patrolled around the island and in the pool on my first session gave me a good insight which resulted in the 6 fish on the bank.

Tight lines all and I will be back next week.

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