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48hr Session Peg 5 13th-15th June.

Ive Been on another 48hrs fishing adventure with my Carp catching partner Patrick State. Well we turned up to the lake and had it all to ourselves . We could see carp all over pegs 3, 4,5 and 6. Pat decided to fish peg 4 and I got on peg 5.

Got all set up ready for what I hoped to be a good session. I could see fish cruising about with thier backs out of the water, bubbling on bottom and even jumping out the water like Flipper lol. After seeing all that action I had nothing so I went and got settled down about 11.00 pm.

At 12.30 am I woke up to a run, got out my bivvy and was straight on it. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING, "Bream".

No not again I was saying to myself as the last couple of times I've fished peg 5 all I had was bream.

Anyway I put it back and went back to sleep. 4.30 am another run, i went running out "ANOTHER BREAM". This time I went and put it in the match lake behind me where I was fishing. I won't be catching that one again. Wednesday was a very slow day for me. Not even a bleep. Pat by this time was banging them out. He even caught an eel on bread. Lol. Pat was having a good session catching carp while I was stuck with the bloody bream .While I was sat there scratching my head thinking what I'm doing wrong, a goose was swimming by me when I noticed it had a very bad leg when it got out of the water. I tried to capture it but it wouldn't let me so I shouted Pat over. Next minute I hears "where is it" then Pats chasing after it. We both went after it and we cornered it. I threw a towel over it's head and Pat grabbed it. As we both looked at its leg. It had a lot of fishing line wrapped around its leg and it was deep. I carefully started cutting the line and peeled it away and we manged to get it all off and it went off back into the lake. So that was my good deed for the day. Now back to fishing. Got all rods baited up and on the spots i had chosen to fish. 10 minutes went by when I had a very brutal take on the middle rod. I got on it only for it to bump off. Not a happy Carper. Just as I cast it back out I had another run. Not another bream. That's 3 bream I've had in a space of 36 hrs. Not good. I'm getting some sleep. At 2am Thursday morning a couple of bleeps. Woke up went out and watched my bobbin going up and down, up and down, What is going off, so I picked it up. Another bream. Nooooooooooooo. I put that in match lake and went to sleep. I awoke up to a beautiful morning. Thought to myself no Carp for me on this session. Dean Burton turned up with a padded cradle for me.

We were having a good talk. He showed me a few places where the Carp hang around. I told him that I already tried in those spots. One of the spots he told me to cast a few yards further out and put some bait over the top.

While we were waiting Dean was showing me some knots and advising me on my rigs.

As I was busy sorting rigs out, Dean shouts to me "you got one on Serg". I quickly dropped everything and got on it, I was that excited I nearly took me other rod out when I lifted into the Carp. Dean came to my rescue and I was on it.

It wouldn't let me reel any line in, at one point I didn't think I was going to get it in, then Dean was guiding me and I managed to get it over a gravel bar. I Then started to have a bit of a scrap with it. I knew that it felt like a decent Carp.

It was going all over place. I managed to get it under control and Dean got the net for me. "Its in, Yessssssssss".

Finally I caught myself a Carp. Yessssssssss. When I looked in the net I thought no way. It's a lump of a common . I went sprinting round to Pat to grab his sling and scales. Got back and Dean said it looked like a 20lber. Dean got on the scales and weighed her. 20lb 4oz.Yessssssssss.smashed another my P.B for a common was 16lb 8oz.

That was this year up at Langwith lodge. After all that waitingon this session I finally got a Carp and what a beauty it is. After having some photos and putting her back I got the rod straight back out there. Pat said to me he was packing up at 2pm. I was just starting to pack a few things up and bought one of the rods in and put it away when I had a very vicious take on the same spot I had had that 20lb 4oz common from. I went running over picked rod up and felt it pulling me towards the waters edge. What the hell is this? Moby Dick. I set the clutch so it could take some line. Wrong thing to do. It went screaming off I managed to get some line back then bump............. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It came off.

I would have loved to have seen what it was. After that it was time to say goodbye to peg 5 pack up and go home.

I ended up with 1 Carp and 4 bream and lost 2 Carp.Pat ended up with 6 Carp 1 bream and an eel and don't know how many more he could of had. He was smashing them out when everyone else was struggling. Our Pat knows how to catch them. I wonder what the next adventure will produce. We shall see what monster carp are lurking in the waters of Wetlands. Till next time...........

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