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36hr Session - Peg 3 Mon 26th -Tues 27th March.

Shane Stevens (Consultant for JK Angling)

Well after being stuck in the house most of winter, except for a few hours now and again one the canal and river I decided to get out for a 36 hour session to wetlands fishery. As I arrived I had a walk round and have a chat to a few people that were fishing to see if anything had been out over the weekend and the news wasn't good! Nothing had been out for a few days. So I decided to spend an hour have a look around to see if I could see anything but to no avail.

Not even a boil or a tail. So I set up in peg 3 and thought, if I dont catch at least I'm out the house and having a bit of fresh air. I chose three spots and cast my rods out to them. One between two islands , one in open water and the middle rod to another island near what is called the "M25". It wasn't long before the middle rod was off, to my amazement. Resulting in a lovely 19lb 6oz mirror carp. The rest of the day went with out any beeps of tugs on my line but I wasn't that fussed as far as I was concerned, I'd managed to pinch a carp at one of the hardest times of the year and that was me happy. So I settled down with my new mate "Howard" the duck who had decided to sit in my bivvy in front of my heater and eat my food. As the night drew in I put the rods back out on the spots but it wasn't to be, so i had a good nights sleep and got up at the crack of dawn to re-cast my rods.

To my amazement "Howard" was still asleep under my bed chair. (Cheeky little bugger ) as the rain came down I started to see fish moving around in my swim and thought nothing off it. After all I had one and was happy with that but around 10am the rain stopped. As soon as it stopped everything went really still and calm, then out the corner of my eye I saw the middle rod tip dip and bounce and before the alarm even had chance to beep I was up,out and into another one of these lovely wetlands fish. It didn't put up much of a fight and when It rolled and graced my net I thought oooooooh that looks a bit tasty. A lovely common with a few scales missing on one side. As I picked the net out the water I started to get a bit giddy knowing that this has got to tip the scales over 20lb. And she did ! 24lb 8oz of pure common gold. I was buzzing was an understatement. What a session this turned out to be. Two lovely prizes for all my effort's. As I slipped her back to her watery home I jumped up in the air with a massive YES, get in there.

The rig used to land the magnificent creatures was the "combi rig" consisting of the JK Angling lip sync, black fleck braid with a size 4 , C100 hook.

The bait of choice was the cream cajouser boillie by Nutrabails and a trimmed down orange pop up by Wetbaits. I'd just like to add a big massive thank you to the two guys that helped me with the pictures and a massive big thank you to Rich who let me name the common which I have decided to call "Poseidon" after the mythical greek water god.

Until next time, tight lines and don't forget, If you don't catch don't give up.

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