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24Hr Session on Peg 4 Sand Bank -Mon 24/3 - 25/3

Well, this 24hr session was almost a carbon copy of the one last week on Peg 4, in terms of the final tally of carp, namely: 5 on the bank and 2 lost. I arrived at 7.30am on the heels of a very sharp overnight frost (-6 deg C in some places) and a day of sporadic sunshine followed, albeit with a distinct nip in the air.There was no action of any kind until 6.00pm when the bobbin on my margin rod hit the rod butt and lodged next to the bite alarm with the line clip still attached. After careful inspection, no twitches or further evidence of fish presence ensued, so I simply gave it some slack and waited patiently.Ten minutes later that rod was away with a one-toner and a glorious dark coloured mirror was the result. At 18.35pm the rod fished at around 60 yds signalled a take and after a hard fight I saw the flank of a decent common, just before the hook pulled at the net! Ahhhh!However, the same rod was quickly returned to the same spot and 25 minutes later produced an 11lb 8oz mirror. At 20.40pm the rod fished under the Willow went into extreme meltdown, but unfortunately, when I lifted into it the line went slack and the culprit was gone! Fortunately the rod fished at 60 yds continued to produce the goods with a couple of commons (9lb 0oz at 21.40pm and 12lb 14oz at 23.00pm) and a nice mirror of 13lb 4oz at 1.00am.No further action followed, so once again I had a decent amount of kip and a fair few kippers!

Best fishes, Kelvin

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