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24hr Session On Peg 4 Sandbank 28/3 - 29/3

After seeing Kelvins post about how he had done i had a walk around the lake to see what was happening. I could see fish moving around down in front of pegs 4 and 5 so i decided to pitch up on peg 4. Dave would be joining me but doing a 48hr session. I set up and put all 3 rods out on different rigs and baits. Nick arrived in the morning also to do a 24hr session and he set up on peg 6 - The Pipe. Dave arrived at mid day and put his rods out in his favourite spots for his peg. A few bleeps on our alarms in the afternoon with Dave having a run but nothing there when he picked his rod up. A quick tweek to his rigs and back out. The afternoon was pretty uneventful after that. As the evening drew in Dave had another run at 6.50pm which resulted in a very welcome 12lber, and 20mins later after a good fight he landed a 16lber. My one and only fish came at 8.10pm and the result a mirror at 12lb 14oz which had a rather unusual kink and lump near its tail so will be easily recognisable when he comes out again. The temp dropped a bit overnight with fog enveloping the lake till around 7am Friday morning. Not what i was hoping for but the temps are up and down like a yoyo at the moment... Not good for the poor old carp trying to switch on from winter, but hey thats carp fishing. Hopefully it wont be too long till the biguns come out to play..

Tight Lines all - Dean

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