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Pegs 1 & 2 48hr Session 31/7/17 - 2/8/17

Well me and my Carp catching partner Patrick State had a session to remember.

We arrived at Wetlands in the afternoon on Monday and we saw Alex on peg 5 and had a chat then Dave and Andy popped over. Dave being Dave was winding us up saying we couldn't fish pegs 1 & 2 as he was cutting trees down. Lol. Pat said he was still going to fish it. So after about 20mins of talking me and Pat went off and got our tackle unloaded. Pat was going to fish peg 1 and me peg 2.

There were fish showing everywhere in peg 2. By 2pm I got all set up ready and got the rods in on the spots where I usually fish. I baited up and waited and waited.

Then at 9pm SCREAMER my line was fizzing off the spool and the rod bent round. I quickly snapped out of day dreaming and got onto my rod. What ever it was, It was giving me a good scrap. I finally netted her and brought her into the cradle. I was buzzing, a 17lb mirror. Good start I put her back and got my rod back out in same spot. The night passed with no carp? At 4am I had a bleep but nothing. So that's me wide awake.

I bought the rods in and had to go to the toilets. As I was walking round to the toilets I saw a few big carp in peg 7. I couldn't hang around to have a better look as I really needed the loo. As I came back, there were more carp in peg 7. I went back over to my peg and got all my rods back in.

I was waiting for our Pat to wake up and next minute he radioed in "Serg u there dude? I had a fall in the night playing a fish.” “You what dude, you ok?” I replied and Pat radioed back "my back is killing me." “I'm on my way over dude”. I brought all my rods in and went over. He had some right scratches down his back. He had slipped as he was trying to play the fish and smashed his back on the wooden panels on edge of the peg. Ouch! Poor Pat was in agony and I felt awful for not waking up. (I had had some painkillers for my toothache and was KO'd for the night). He showed me the picture of the common he had caught during his fall and it was a lump. 20lb 1oz.

After seeing Pat I went back round to my peg and got my rods back in. Nothing for another 18hrs then I had another screamer. This was from the same spot I got the first carp from on Monday night. I had fetched my head camera on this session. I wanted to get a head shot of the action as I messed it up with the first carp I had because I hadn’t pressed the record button. DOH! As I was playing the fish Pat shouted over "is it a good lump?" I was trying to concentrate on catching it saying “think so”, then as she comes gliding in I look at her and shouted back "it's a lump alright, it's that pretty one you've caught on peg 7, that fully scaled mirror." I knew it would be a 20lber as Pat had caught her at 20lb 4oz. I got the scales and they read 20lb 6oz.YES. What a gorgeous looking fully scaled mirror. Absolutely beautiful. Pat came over and took some photos for me.

I messed up again with the recording, my head missing when I'm posing with it and there's a bit of water where the Carp was flapping about but that didn’t bother me, I had her in my hands.

I said to Pat I wanted to catch this one because it's a beauty and I did!! I put here back in and got my rod back out on the Same spot. A few more hours went by and fish were showing everywhere again even beaching themselves on the islands. Anyway Pat started banging them out, then I got a run on middle rod and yet again faffing about with the camera I was lucky to get this one. I managed to get it away from the island and into open water. Another good scrap. I Got her in and weighed the mirror with the scales reading 16lb 2oz. Another cracker.

I put her back and got the rod back out again. Within about 10-15mins I had another run on my middle rod. This time it screamed off and around the island. I didn't have time to sort the camera, the bite was so quick and unexpected I had to jump on the rod. I was playing the carp and the next minute it beached itself and managed to get rid of the hook at the same time and slipped away. How? I don't know. I Wasn't happy. I casted back out, and tried to think how the hell that happened? Never mind. for me it was another blank night.

Pat had had another 2 during the night but made sure he didn't fall over. At 4am I woke up to the rooster blasting out. Anyway, rods back in and off to the loo and got back and put the rods back out. There were fish showing but not interested. I casted out and got stuck in the tree. OH NO!! I went and got the boat. As I'm approaching Pats peg, I hear "what you doing?" I told him I was stuck in a tree. I went and sorted it and rested the boat on peg 3 behind me.

All day I had nothing, not even a bleep. Fish again showing themselves backs out of the water, heads and tails showing there feeding, I even had them right in front of me and I felt they were taking the mickey. So stuff that I'm packing up. As I was bringing one of my rods in I had a couple of bleeps on one of my other rods, then nothing.

I bought the other rod in quickly and waited on that rod that had had the bleeps. 1 hour went by and nothing so that was it for me.

Three beautiful looking mirrors landed and one lost. Pat had 7 or 8 landed and lost a couple. He's always finding them. That was a session to remember and a session I think Pat was happy to go home and rest his back.

Till the next adventure.

Tight lines all,


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