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Day session Peg 1 - 9/4/2019

Myself and Lucas ventured out for our first day session of the year. We had booked on peg 1 after seeing the weather was going to be quite warm. Although i did not check the wind and instantly regretted it. With a cold easterly and a shallow swim i thought we had no chance. However we stuck it out and around dinner time Lucas had his first fish. A pristine common of 20lb 8oz. We thought we had got lucky with how cold it was in the swim. Lucas trickled bait in little and often just in case the carp were about. It got to around 3pm and the same rod ripped off with another common of 22lb on the nose. Whilst unhooking the fish Lucas' other rod went. A very scary battle making it around the island but the leader held strong and she soon came back round. This one being a mirror and yet another 20lb+ fish at 20lb 4oz. We couldnt believe it. 3x20s in a day session "up north"..... Obviously Lucas was really rubbing it in my face by now as i was still blanking but also on cloud 9. 10 minutes later and it was my turn. Rod pulled up tight and i was on it in a flash. Lifted into it and realised straight away how shallow it was in front of me with the fish on the surface all the way into the net. I didnt weigh my fish but guessing it was around a mid double. With 3 rods on the bank we decided to call it a day, happy with our result we both went home with smiles on our faces.

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